University of Mary Washington – Engraving Workshop

Rosemary Jesionowski, Assistant Professor of Multiple Imaging, invited me to come give a lecture and spread engraving glory to her students. On Wednesday February 10th, engraving invaded the department of art at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA. My demonstration covered sharpening, image transfer/prep, engraving and printing. In the image below I demonstrated a parchment paper transfer and explained scribing the image before engraving.

Here I am explaining how to properly hold the graver…and apparently I am still getting leftover lunch crumbs off of my mouth.

UMW students wait in eager anticipation as I pull a print. You could cut the tension with a knife.

Travis and I wiping plates I brought. This was his first time doing it and he was a complete natural. I spent a lot of time trying to talk him into going to Froggies.

Below, UMW students practicing on the back of zinc plates. The students were quickly infected with love for this technique.

After my lecture, I printed a bunch of engraving arts shirts for them.

Rosemary Jesionowski (top right) and some of her class excited about engraving….and the dance.

Overall it was a wonderful experience. The students were very attentive and gave a whole-hearted effort to leaving the technique. They were also helpful with any assistance that I needed. During my lecture, there weren’t enough seats in the room, so some of them sat on the floor! I’d also like to make note of the wonderful faculty whom I had dinner with and attended my lecture. Thanks for having me and being such wonderful hosts!