You will have a scar.

So I haven’t blog in awhile and what I am blogging about today has nothing to do with art. It’s about my eyebrow mole….or eyebrowly or eyebrole or whatever. It was suggested to me from my GP to have it removed after a small biopsy revealed “irregularities”. He told me would refer me to plastic surgeon at KU medical center. My appointment was made about four months in advance. This guy has a serious waiting list apparently.

This morning I left to get my moley removed. I left armed with an arsenal of really unfunny plastic surgery jokes. “Can you give me Donatella Versace’s natural look?” I felt like such a country bumpkin going to the Medical Center. This place was NICE. After waiting in the Dr’s room for a short period of time, the Resident Dr comes in to ask me questions….like “why are you here today?” This concerned me a little and confused me. Shouldn’t they know from medical records and such? I didn’t make the appointment, my (former) Emporia Dr did. As I explained, the Dr asked “do you have your biopsy report?” uh…No. The medical industry method of record keeping eludes me a bit. I thought that it would have been sent from my GP to them automatically. I thought this could be taken care of electronically. I pictured some elaborate database with all of my medical records stored. Why not? We have FB storing all kinds of unwanted information about our past. I had no idea.

This sent me into a very quick spiral of irritation (not at them). I drove two hours to be there. I also came to find out that this was not a plastic surgeon, but a dermatologist. Another reminder of why I dropped my GP. Shortly after the main Dr came in and told me that my biopsy area was way too small to be conclusive. He suggested to remove the whole thing, test it and if it came out weird, plastic surgery would be in order. He said “you will have a scar.”

This guy was pretty amazing. He explained it all in concise language and appeared confident, in control and most importantly he was there (mentally, I mean. Sometimes I felt my former Dr was off dreaming about cheeseburgers or something). And he said again “you will have a scar.” The resident Dr had me sit up on the table/bed thingy and numbed my eyebrow. She said “you will have a scar.” I kept saying I don’t care. I don’t care! The only part of experience I didn’t care for was the resident Dr’s ongoing dialogue with the soon to be transferred nurse. Please don’t talk to other people like I’m not there while you’re cutting something off of my face.

So below is my post eyebrow mole slicing pic. I’ll get some news about it soon. When the Dr calls me with the biopsy info I’ll be tempted to ask “will I have a scar?”

eye mole