Cabinet of Curiosities Portfolio – Lamb of the Apocalypse

I was recently invited to participate in the Cabinet of Curiosities Portfolio Exchange curated by Ashley Hawkins. Ashley is the Executive Director of Studio Two Three in Richmond, VA. Studio Two Three is a printmaking studio space that provides an environment for artists to work, conduct workshops and exhibit work. The Cabinet of Curiosities Portfolio Exchange will be shown at the Capitol One Gallery (April – August) and at Gallery Two Three (April). More info on Studio Two Three here –

Here are the participants: Haig Demarjian, James Ehlers, Hilliary Gabryel, Christian Gregory, Jacob Green, Jorge Guillen, Ashley Hawkins, Brooke Inman, Rosemary Jesionowski, Andrew Kozlowski, Sarah Moore, Travis Robertson, Linda Lucia Santana, Jake Urbanski, Christopher Wallace

Thanks to Anneliese Narcisi (ESU Engraving Arts Major) and Katie Hubbs (ESU Engraving Arts Major) for printing my edition for me. Below is my contribution to the portfolio – “Lamb of the Apocalypse”

lamb of the apocalypse