Dirty Kanza 200 Print!

On June 1st, Emporia will host to a 200 mile bike race known as the “Dirty Kanza 200”. People from all over the country will descend upon our small city to endure this intense event. The race begins in downtown Emporia, KS in front of the Granada Theatre. The last time I checked it was over 900 participants.

Check it out here – http://www.dirtykanza200.com/

I am excited to say that the Engraving Arts program will play a small role in this event! In February, I was approached by Rob Gilligan (City Commission) and Kristi Henrikson Mohn (Event Coordinator, Realtor Extraordinaire) about producing an engraving for the event. The print would be a prize for those that could finish the race before sunset – so the theme “Race the Sun” was to be integrated into the image. I used a Sunflower to represent Kansas and scrollwork to reference a traditional style of engraving. The idea was presented to ESU President Michael Shonrock, who has been enthusiastic about supporting the production of the work – without him and the support of ESU, this likely would not have happened. The edition size was settled at 250, which is that largest I will have ever endured! I am thankful this is black and white! My trusty students (Anneliese Narcisi, Peter Shoemaker, Erin Eidman and Katie Hubbs) will each take part in the printing process. In return, I am donating a chunk of my fee towards Frogman’s Scholarships for these students!

Below Erin Eidman (left) and Anneliese Narcisi pull a print and experience the magic!

DK printing

Also wanted to give a shout out to Brian Denton (Special Assistant to the President) for figuring out a bunch of logistical stuff and getting back to me on it. Hope this is one of many projects we can pursue with ESU. Can’t wait to get all of these printed!

DK final print