ESU Yearbook Halftone blocks

I meandered though the old print services area at ESU to see if there were any items to repurpose for the benefit our department. I found a room of chairs that were a major upgrade for our print room. I am optimistic that this new level of comfort will keep people working in the print lab longer. While I was looking around, my tour guide Randy, showed me a bunch of old halftone printing blocks that were going to be thrown out. Being caught up in the spirit of the 150th anniversary of ESU, I thought it would be a fun experience to print some of these images that are relevant to the university history. Unfortunately, there is little to no information on the blocks. One block indicates that it is from the university yearbook, so I am presuming that was the purpose of the others. I demonstrated the printing of these on the small press we have and Art Major Alexandria Arceneaux became instantly addicted to printing them. Below are some of the results.

letter press 1

letter press 2

letter press 3

letter press group

These next two were experiments by Alex and I. We printed the halftone blocks on top of other prints we had initially considered unusable. Alex also integrated some of the type that we we found. Interesting results, me thinks.

letter press 4

letter press 5

Two weeks of Art Insanity

We have had a busy and exciting past two weeks in the Art Department. Last week, Brandon Sanderson (Professor of Printmaking at UNC-Pembroke) came to Emporia State for an artist lecture.


He visited the printmaking class and displayed a vast portfolio of his work as well as his student work.

Sanderson Talk

He also brought a few small plates for the students (Erin Eidman and Anneliese Narcisi) to edition.

Sanderson Prints

Brandon’s studio practice and work ethic are both inspiring. If you are not familiar with his work, you can check it out here –

This week ESU was host to glass artist Robin Cass, Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Robin Cass poster_sm

Wednesday, November 6, she gave an artist lecture and the rest of the week she performed glass construction demonstrations.

Robin Cass

Thursday, November 7, was the opening of the faculty exhibition.


Work by Eric Conrad (Sculpture) – and Dan Kirchhefer (Printmaking)


Ceramic work by Stephanie Lanter –


Glass work by Roberta Eichenberg –

Saturday, November 9, was the opening of the printmaking double feature at the Java Cat Coffee shop and Mulready’s Pub.

Emporia show_final_sm


We utilized Becky Lynn Mishler’s fabulous hand lettering abilities to write the show title.



Printmaking and Engraving student Erin Eidman next to her Oz inspired lithograph.

mulreadys 1

Fran Winkel’s work installed at Mulready’s Pub.


Mulreadys crowd

The out pouring of community support. This event was amazing. Angie (Java Cat) and Rick (Mulready’s) and I are already conspiring to do more next Spring! I can’t wait to get the next event rolling. Keep coming out and we’ll keep doing it. Get even more people out and we’ll make it bigger.

Big thanks to Kaila Mock for helping set up all the shows thus far and being a complete professional. She IS AMAZING.

Also thanks to Cory Anderson for playing at the JavaCat. You can check him out here –

Thanks to everybody who had a hand involved with helping any of these events happen!