ESU Yearbook Halftone blocks

I meandered though the old print services area at ESU to see if there were any items to repurpose for the benefit our department. I found a room of chairs that were a major upgrade for our print room. I am optimistic that this new level of comfort will keep people working in the print lab longer. While I was looking around, my tour guide Randy, showed me a bunch of old halftone printing blocks that were going to be thrown out. Being caught up in the spirit of the 150th anniversary of ESU, I thought it would be a fun experience to print some of these images that are relevant to the university history. Unfortunately, there is little to no information on the blocks. One block indicates that it is from the university yearbook, so I am presuming that was the purpose of the others. I demonstrated the printing of these on the small press we have and Art Major Alexandria Arceneaux became instantly addicted to printing them. Below are some of the results.

letter press 1

letter press 2

letter press 3

letter press group

These next two were experiments by Alex and I. We printed the halftone blocks on top of other prints we had initially considered unusable. Alex also integrated some of the type that we we found. Interesting results, me thinks.

letter press 4

letter press 5


One thought on “ESU Yearbook Halftone blocks

  1. Hey, James, thanks for including me in your post! Those blacks are definitely a lot of fun to print! Wish there were more of them…

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