FEGA Master Engraver

On January 22, I was recognized by the Firearms Engraving Guild of America as a Master Engraver. Pursuing this title was a part of my sabbatical research in the fall. The jurying of the work is done in person at the FEGA convention in Las Vegas. The jurors are also current FEGA masters. The are looking at a number of techniques demonstrated at the master level. An outline of those techniques can be foundĀ here.

As an artist and educator, learning and improving will be an ongoing process. The FEGA Masters program is excellent in that it outlines specific goals.I learned a great amount in the process of pursuing this and had help and support from many people including – Chuck Ehlers, Rex Pederson, Sandy Popovich, Sam Alfano and Josh Hamlin.

Below are some of the works that were presented to the jury.