Select Works from Screen Printing

This semester was the first time in the 10 years I have been here in which a dedicated screen printing class had been offered at ESU.  Considering that this was the first time I have ever taught it, my biggest surprise was how expedient the process is overall. I am used to metal engraving Рwhich takes a considerable amount of time.

Our first project involved collecting foliage that would be composed and adhered to a transparency. They would create four transparencies to produce four layers of color. It was a little like a photogram.

In our next project¬†I asked the students to each come up with a project theme. I then wrote the themes on the board and let the group vote. It was a tie between 50’s Advertising and Aliens – so they did both. They utilized the rubylith process to create their positives.

Inspired by a visiting artist Sara Thomas, we decided that a gig poster would be a fun theme. The students had the option of making one for a real show or fake one or a real band or made up one. In this one, students utilized markers and mylar to create their positives.