The People’s Punk Band

As The People’s Punk Band releases its newest recordings, I reflect on the time I had with Tim (vocals), Jimmy (bass), Ean (guitar) and Jason (drums). The Band was initially formed in the early 00’s and has been together off and on. The first show I had ever played with them was June 20th, 2015 at Harling’s Upstairs in Kansas City. A week later it was the Field Day Fest in Lawrence, KS. In the next year and half I got to learn about all the great music that was coming out of Kansas and Kansas City. I had the opportunity to play with bands like Vedettes, Mad Kings,Young Bull, Federation of Horsepower, Iron Guts Kelly, Gnarly Davidson, Godzillionaire and The Philistines – all of which I would recommend giving a listen.

We played with touring acts Radkey, the Vibrators, Peelander-Z, Extinction AD and Valient Thorr. We had good nights and bad nights. Fally Afani of I Heart Local Music was often at our shows taking amazing pictures, including the one’s here. There were some intense shows – particularly at the Replay Lounge in Lawrence.

We were always pushing to be a better, tighter act. Everyone in this band is musically gifted. It was hard to let go, but time for me was getting more and more sparse. In this short span of time we all get to live, I feel lucky I got to experience playing with them. I had a great moment at my last show with them at the Replay seeing my wife in the crowd dancing and singing the lyrics. I can still see it. I wish them luck as they move forward as a four piece as I go back to being a fan. I’m proud of the album we recorded together. You’ll hear influences from Off! and Bad Religion. It’s political, so it won’t be everyone’s thing. We worked to make the songs melodic and the lyrics meaningful.

If that sounds good to you, check it out for free –


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