Artifice, Metal Engraving and Water Color, 7.25″ x 9″

Statement from The FL3TCH3R Exhibit: Socially & Politically Engaged Art catalogue

They all have an angle and it is spoken with embellishment to target the right spot. There’s demographics research on what kind of slop to feed. Hyperbole is an addiction and there’s a little bird that delivers a needle. The machine compounds paranoia and the lesson is to hate the unknown. Remember, they are the other. Remember, their mission in life is to ruin yours. Don’t change the lens you have. This is not unique to any social group. There is an absence in power with the need to belong. Rage comes from a glass that perpetually overflows – a metastasized hysteria industrial complex. A culture of toxic communication too busy to see who’s holding the coin purse. The American Dream is a Kincaid house in ruin. Pull the strings.


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