As a part of my morning ritual of consuming yogurt and coffee, I browse through various news sources and read through my social media feed. I can learn about how the universe is crumbling and then see breaking news about Kylie Jenner eating at a pizza shop. I am given reminders of what makes me less of a person in the material objects I don’t possess. I see attention as the great opiate of a culture. I can find links to five to ten reasons why anything happens. As I take in this information, I know that I am being watched. Growing up in a Christian environment, it used to be God that watched, now it is the National Security Agency. I see us complaining about the way things are as we simultaneously enable it.

My work is a reaction to the consequences of the internet and technology. Information I am exposed to makes marks on my psyche that result in words or pictures within my journal that marinate for weeks or months.  I decontextualize and reconstruct these ideas in a collage of pessimistic observations. These narratives evolve as I work. My subjects become visualizations of fear and apathy; a retort to an alarmist media and reactionary culture. Printmaking and drawing are my means of funneling these ideas through traditional artistic expression


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