Delineate: Prints of Ehlers, Hernandez & Scuilla

Delineate Postcard

From September 26 to October 27, Jason Scuilla (Professor of Printmaking at Kansas State University), Marco Hernandez (Visiting Professor of Printmaking at Wichita State University) and myself will be showing work at the Emporia Arts Center. Below are my works from the exhibition.



2019 Frogman’s Printmaking Workshop Costs

My metal engraving class is July 1 – 6, 2019. Here’s a link to the Frogman’s site with more info about the course and other general workshop coolness –

Below is the estimated cost of the Frogman’s Printmaking Workshop in Omaha, NE. I have not factored in travel as people will be coming from many different places. Hopefully, you can drive a crew of people to Omaha! Tools and eating habits are also a variable, but I have put an estimated number for that as well. If you stay at Sonesta, they have a nice full kitchen. I prepped most of my food for the week and ate in the apartment to save some money and avoid consistent bad eating habits. I can’t eat like I’m in my 20’s anymore 😦

If you are one my students at ESU and see this, come up to me and ask “who runs barter town?” and I’ll know you read this.

Frogman’s 2019 estimated costs – Omaha, NE

Hotel rate – 225.75 a week (four people per room), 276.50 (two people per room)

Registration Fee – 785 (392.50 deposit by April 15th)

October 31 – early 50 dollar discount (full deposit of 392.50 required)

Food (recommend buying groceries, there’s a kitchen in the hotel) – 200

Supplies – Approximately 100

T-shirt (optional) –20

Total estimate without travel cost: 1330.75 (four people per room), 1351.50 (two people per room)

Deposit deadline: April 15


Artifice, Metal Engraving, 7.25″x 9″, 2017 

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