When a graver slips…

I often get asked what do I do if I slip while I am engraving. This a portrait of my mother and I that I have been working on for awhile. I managed to slip on my face. Sometimes you can hide slips with additional like work, but that was not the case with this error. I walked away, took a deep breath and did what’s in the video below!

Emporia State Inauguration Medallion

I was honored to produce this custom hand engraved medallion for Emporia State’s 17th President, Allison Garrett. The design was a collaboration of ideas produced by the inauguration committee and President Garrett. The imagery features a hornet (ESU mascot), the power E logo, a Kansas Sunflower, Wooster bridge and design elements from the Granada Theater in Emporia. The overall theme was a merging of community and the university. The image was hand engraved on brass and is 3 inches in diameter. I presented the original to President Garrett at the ceremony. The ESU foundation also has a limited number of resin cast copies.